Synrein Medical recently launched a new range of pressure mattresses. The mattresses are purposefully built to prevent pressure ulcer formation using a specially designed castellated foam core enclosed in a multi-stretch, vapour-permeable fabric. This fabric keeps the mattress water resistant but also breathable, in order to avoid trapped odours. These mattresses have a range of firmness levels, from low/medium risk, suitable for patients up to 17 stone to very high-risk memory foam pressure mattresses which provide ulcer prevention to patients up to 39 stone.

Synrein Medical is a manufacturer of specialist bedding and medical products based in the North West of England. They provide their customers with a wide range of products including pressure mattresses, medical aprons, waterproof cushions and anti-bacterial bedding. For more information about their products, get in contact here or call us on 0161 330 8573.