For patients with limited mobility, the development of pressure ulcers has always come with a sense of inevitability. Ulcers are caused by lengthy periods of continuous pressure on the skin which leaves bed ridden patients as the most prone. To prevent a build up in pressure on any given area, these patients are reliant on having their body position moved on a regular basis. This systematic approach for preventing pressure ulcers has been adopted by nurses and doctors for many years and is still a common practice today. It, however, is not always successful, with longer term patients often still developing ulcers over time, all be it a slower rate.

As awareness of the cost of pressure ulcers increased in both human and financial terms, the need for a renewed patient care became more apparent. This paved the way for the introduction of pressure relief mattresses, which are now used on most hospital beds. Given the variety of hospital beds in use, there are many different pressure mattresses available for patients with differing needs:

Dynamic (Alternating Therapy) Mattresses

Dynamic therapy mattresses, often referred to as ‘air mattresses’, are powered by pumps which consist of air tubes. By constantly inflating and deflating these air tubes, the mattress ensures that the contact pressure varies depending on where the patients weight rests. As a result, effective pressure redistribution can be achieved.

Hybrid Mattresses

As the name suggests, these are a cross between two mattresses, combing both foam and dynamic therapies. These mattresses can be used as either static mattresses or as dynamic therapy surfaces for preventing pressure ulcers. This two in one feature means that patients can be easily moved in and out of bed without the need for additional equipment. It also ensures that the process of moving a patient is safer for both the patient and nurses involved, thus improving the overall experience.

Static (Foam) Mattresses

Arguably the most commonly used in hospitals today are static or foam mattresses. These use a range of high quality castellated visco elastic foams that help create a pressure relieving surface that is also safe and extremely comfortable for the patient. The elasticity of the mattress means that it can confirm to the shape of a patient’s body which greatly reduces peak pressure areas.

The emergence of these pressure relief mattresses has revolutionised the healthcare industry as now, even those with the most limited of movement are able to receive the highest quality care and treatment. Crucially, these mattresses allow nurses and doctors to manage the risk of pressure ulcers a lot more effectively which means patients are less likely to develop them than ever before.

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