Waterproof Mattress Cover – PVC

(174 customer reviews)

Mattress cover suitable for all types of beds

Made from a fully waterproof, fire retardant, wipe clean PVC which contains antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for hospitals and care homes



Material Benefits

  • Made from a fully waterproof, fire retardant, wipe clean PVC
  • PVC contains antimicrobial properties.

Size Options

190 x 90 x 17cm / 190 x 137 x 17cm

Material Options

Medium duty PVC – for medium incontinence / Heavy duty PVC – for heavy incontinence / Extra heavy duty PVC – for severe Incontinence

Colour Options

White or translucent


Tuck in flap / Press studs / Zip fastening

174 reviews for Waterproof Mattress Cover – PVC

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