The first thought that may spring to mind when considering the use of a mattress protector is that they are only needed for young children or that they are merely an upselling technique used by salespeople. Yet, these are mis-conceptions that could not be further from the truth. There are in fact many reasons why a mattress protector should be used by everyone, here are some examples:


Think about how often a mattress is thoroughly cleaned. Once? Twice? Maybe even never at all! Now, considering that a healthy young adult will sweat 20 millilitres per hour when sleeping, it is clear that an unprotected mattress will absorb a lot of moisture and become unpleasant over time. Above all else this is a hygiene issue that could lead to a lot of nasty germs and bacteria building up inside a mattress. A good mattress protector will absorb all the perspiration and can be washed for repeat use to help maintain a good level of hygiene.

Keeps a Mattress Feeling ‘Like New’

Not only can perspiration be a hygiene issue, it can also seriously hinder the quality and comfort life of a mattress. Moisture of any kind in fact will wear down the foams in a mattress that give it its buoyancy and comfort qualities. It has a similar effect to that of a kitchen sponge. Even if only a little moisture seeps through, after years of use this will add up to leave the mattress in a sorry state. A mattress protector can maximise the lifespan of a mattress by eliminating the risk of vital foams being damaged from overnight perspiration and the occasional spills.

Warranty Protection 

Using a mattress protector is an extremely simple and effective way of ensuring a mattress remains covered during its warranty period. Though most new mattresses will come with at least a 30-day warranty, it only takes the slightest of stains for it to be voided. Unbeknown to many, but just a single night’s sleep on an unprotected mattress can render a warranty void, with stains notoriously difficult to remove. The headache of having the buy an entirely new mattress can be easily avoided by using a good quality protector. By absorbing any liquids,themselves, mattress protectors remove the possibility of any damage being caused to a mattress that will void its warranty.  

Synrein Medical is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist bedding and medical products based in the North West of England. Synrein Medical offer an extensive range of waterproof bedding protection products including bedding protection, PVC mattress protectors, PVC mattress coversand duvet and pillow protectors.Synrein Medical also specialise in pressure relief mattresses, chair cushionsand veterinary productsthat are used across many sectors. 

Our waterproof mattress cover is suitable for all types of bed. Made from a fully waterproof, fire retardant, wipe clean PVC which contains antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for hospitals and care homes.

More information on all of Synrein Medical’s can be found within the ‘Products’ section of the website. Our team are happy to assist with bespoke orders and will make every effort to meet your project requirements. Contact us today here or call 0161 330 8573.